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Wealth management for pilots of United Airlines™

Transform the way you retire and live. Solitude can show you how.

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An advisory firm built to serve the pilot community

Solitude Financial Services was started in 2011 by Gene Kowalski, a United captain and former Air Force instructor pilot. As an SEC-registered firm, Solitude serves pilot families all over the United States.

Choose your goals. We'll advise how to fund them.

Financial resilience


Long-term planning is only possible if short-term risks are managed. Solitude clients are coached to maintain robust emergency savings accounts and proper insurance to protect against disability and premature death.

Your next available dollar's best job


Proceeds from an asset sale. Monthly surpluses. Bonuses. Inheritances. Whatever the source, we’ll help you implement our sophisticated planning strategies by directing new funds to their best use. No more guessing about what to do with your next dollar.

PRAP management

Few firms are as familiar with UAL’s Pilot Retirement Account Plan as Solitude. Our deep knowledge of the PRAP can transform the speed at which you are ready for retirement. Solitude manages PRAP assets through Personal Choice Retirement Accounts® at Charles Schwab.

Portfolios designed to serve your plan

Value is created in the long run—over years and decades, not weeks and months. But the long run is just a series of short runs. Superior lifetime returns require balancing near-term risks with long-term opportunities. Our thoughtful approach to portfolio management is designed to do just that.

Tax alpha strategies

Most advisors aren’t talking about the biggest threat to your retirement and legacy: future taxation. Solitude is focused on improving outcomes by making smart tax moves now. More than anything, our perspective on taxes (and the work we do to put it to your advantage) is what sets Solitude apart. It’s no wonder our tagline is Leave the Crowd Behind.

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We're proud to put your interests first.

Solitude is a fee-only fiduciary focused on transforming the pilot advice space.

Only one in five Americans knows the difference between an advisor who is a fiduciary and one who is not.

But when they learn that fiduciaries are required to act in their clients' best interest, 93% think their advisor should be one.

-Financial Engines survey


See what it's like to work with Solitude.

Cup of Coffee Meeting
No numbers, just conversation. It’s a chance to discuss your history, your goals, and what’s going on in your life. We’ll tell you how we work and see if we might be a fit.

Work creates value.


Too often, advisory firms focus on portfolio returns to justify fees. Solitude knows that fees are to ensure the proper work gets done. 

Our expertise allows us to do the work you shouldn't do, don't want to do, don't know how to do, or don't know needs to be done.

Contact Us

To learn more about Solitude's unique approach to serving the pilots of United Airlines, please fill out the form below.

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(434) 218-2201

236 E High Street

Charlottesville, VA 22902

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