Solitude Mission, Vision, and Values

Solitude's Mission and Vision:

  • To be the premier wealth management firm for United pilot families – by transforming the way they retire and live.

Solitude’s Values:

  • The right work, done the right way, creates the most value
    • Work is our product. Optimal work is the best path to funding a life you want and need.
    • Work is at the heart of our asset philosophy – stocks inevitably grow in value from the continuous work of others.
  • We do what we say
    • We will power our processes with reliable action, and follow our own advice when it applies to our life as well.
  • We do what matters.
    • Timely goal funding, active account work, and relationships – knowing our clients well - matter more than chasing market returns or passive advice.
    • Our training and experience allows us to do what you shouldn’t do, don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, or don’t know even needs to be done.
  • We do our work with integrity
    • The fiduciary standard as stated by the US Court of Appeals: “Not Honesty alone …but an honor the most sensitive is the standard of behavior”.  We strive to reach that ideal.
    • We are always ready to listen, and to learn, but use integrity to know where to stand firm.