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Entering a Roth Conversion into TurboTax 2016 

This video is intended to assist Solitude Financial clients with entering Roth Conversion details into TurboTax. The fundamentals of the transaction are explained as are the details for entering Form 1099 information into TurboTax correctly.  The steps are the same and can be applied using any tax preparation software.

Expand video to full screen for the easiest read.

Entering a Back Door Roth into TurboTax 2016 - Non-Taxable Event

This video will walk you through the steps of entering a Back Door Roth contribution into TurboTax. This is a conversion of non-deductible (post-tax) funds from a Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA without incurring an early withdrawal penalty.

Funding Your Taxable Account and Contributing to Your IRA

This video will show you how to put money into your Schwab taxable account from an external bank account online. To do so, you must have a moneylink for your taxable first. If you don't have one already, contact Jet to get the paperwork started.  Next, you'll learn how to move money from your taxable account to your IRA in order to make your annual contribution. To jump directly to making an IRA contribution online, move the slider to the 2-minute mark.

Set Up Your Client Portal/Website and Connect Your Accounts

This video quickly walks you through accessing and setting up your client website. 30 seconds into the video we show you how to connect your accounts. You can pause the video and move the slider at any time. Please be certain you can sign into your financial institution and that you know the answers to your security questions before creating a connection in your client website. Once you are sure of your credentials and the answers to your security questions, SIGN OUT OF YOUR ONLINE BANKING SITE before attempting to set up the connection in your client portal. The systems will not allow you to create a connection if you have both sites open at the same time.

Navigate to Profit Sharing Check PRAP Contribution Selection Page - February 2017

56-second video that leads you through Flying Together navigation to the Selection screen:

Add New Alliant Credit Union Account Connections

This is a more detailed look at adding a connection to the Alliant Credit Union than is shown above. This video illustrates how when creating an online connection to the Alliant Credit Union, you will be asked your sign in credentials as well as the answer to every single security question you've created over in your Alliant Online Banking site. Please be certain you can sign into Alliant and that you know the questions and answers (case sensitivity is important here) before trying to create an Alliant connection in your eMoney Client Portal. Once you are sure of your credentials and the questions and answers SIGN OUT OF YOUR ALLIANT ONLINE BANKING SITE. The systems will not allow you to create a connection if have both sites open at the same time.

Another thing to check if you are having trouble is that Alliant only allows a certain number of 'registered devices' so if you have been adding registered devices so that you don't have to answer security questions when accessing the online banking site at Alliant, you may hit a limit in which case the connection you're trying to set up in your Client portal won't work until you delete a registered device at Alliant.