The SFS Code of Ethics - An Introduction

Ideals: SFS will always act as your true fiduciary

Our clients' interests always trump our own. Solitude Financial Services will handle all matters with clients, custodians, and issuers with good faith, honesty, candor, and in compliance with all regulations affecting any transaction. All actions will reflect the care and diligence of a professional, personal respect, and the high road of honor. All actions will reflect credit upon the industry and build trust in the client. These ideals have inestimable value to SFS; therefore they will be pursued above any form of compensation.

Methods of practice: Advice will be focused on meeting client goals

SFS will either charge a fee for advice or accept a commission for a sale - never both on an individual transaction, with our compensation arrangements clearly communicated to the client at all times. SFS will maintain an ongoing process of continuing education to ensure a high level of knowledge and ability. SFS will not give advice in areas they do not have sufficient expertise or qualification.

Protection of Client Information: All client data, communications, and personal information shared or recorded will be treated with utmost care.

It will be kept private unless legally obliged to disclose or specific authorization is received from the client to share it with a specific third party. Care will be taken to ensure SFS plans and recommendations are not leaked to the public, potentially diluting its value to the client.

Disclosure: At all times, we will proactively provide disclosure to the client of any conflicts of interest, which will or reasonably may compromise the impartiality of the advice given.

This includes disclosing data on SFS personal financial transactions on similar or identical securities, as well as using best practice approaches on transactions that affect both the client and a personal SFS account. Involvement of the principle of SFS or any family member in any manner other than the owner of the security will require immediate notification of the change of status to all clients.

Clients will always be free to use other advisers, with whom we will work, for managing portions of their portfolio. If at any time SFS feels that we cannot in good faith meet the client's objectives, or have a substantial conflict of interest that compromises the clients needs or interests, we will inform the client of this fact and aid the search for a more appropriate adviser for their situation.

The complete version of our Code of Ethics is contained in the SFS Policies and Procedures Manual.

We welcome you to read the complete version as it addresses prohibited transactions, prohibited activities, restricted trading activities, compliance procedures and certification, violation procedures, employee notification and training, and record keeping requirements in more detail.