Insurance is the necessary process of paying someone to share your risk. Many insurable risks require mandatory insurance (auto and home polices, to a lesser extent health insurance). You will rarely need an advisor's help with these forms of insurance.

Life and disability insurance is not mandatory, but generally very necessary. The loss of income from these unexpected events can be very challenging, even catastrophic to a family's financial security. Choices must be guided with the help of a qualified expert.

Gene Kowalski maintains licensing in life insurance and fixed annuities to aid the assessment of the size of a family's risk from income loss. When appropriate he will help guide the search for new or additional policies.

Insurance Expertise

Solitude Financial Services is licensed for fixed insurance advice and sales in Virginia, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Connecticut, Minnesota, Georgia and Maryland. Fixed products do not have market risk but are guaranteed by the quality of the state regulated insurer.  Client goals and needs will drive insurance product requirements.  Our clients are free to select the insurance agent of their choice regardless of other services provided by our firm.