Insurance is the necessary process of paying someone to share your risk. Many insurable risks require mandatory insurance (auto and home polices, to a lesser extent health insurance). You will rarely need an advisor's help with these forms of insurance.

Life and disability insurance is not mandatory, but generally very necessary. The loss of income from these unexpected events can be very challenging, even catastrophic to a family's financial security. Choices must be guided with the help of a qualified expert.

Insurance Expertise

Gene Kowalski has extensive experience as a fixed Life and Annuities insurance agent from 2006 to 2018.  While he no longer maintains licensing for fixed insurance products, his prior experience will allow him to ask you the questions to determine your potential needs in this area.  He will then direct you to a qualified and licensed agent to verify your needs and the product changes you may require. Solitude is not affiliated with any insurance agent, firm, or products, nor will it accept compensation for any referrals.