About the Advisor Representative

Gene Kowalski grew up on a small farm in rural western Minnesota, before leaving to join the US Air Force in 1981. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. In 1988, He married fellow USAFA graduate, Jennifer Jenner, Class of 1987. In 1998 Gene graduated from Penn State University with a Masters in Business Administration, with a focus on corporate finance. He created Kowalski Consulting, the forerunner of SFS, in 2005. In 2006, He joined Professional Settlement Solutions Group LLC, as a Settlement Planner following licensing in Virginia for fixed life and annuities contracts. He created Solitude Financial Services to replace the consulting business in 2010. Solitude is registered for advice on securities; Gene is Solitude's sole investment advisor representative.

Gene, Jennifer, daughter Kristen and son Samuel live in Palmyra, Virginia.

About Solitude...

Solitude is the historic home of Solitude Farm. Originally deeded from King George III to the Thompson family in the 1750s it was the home for a farm that was as large as 6000 acres. This large plantation helped create the town of Palmyra less than 1/2 mile away, which hosted the oldest courthouse in the nation (1820-2008) when it was replaced by the new county office building. In the late 1700s, Solitude was the host of the "Broken Bacht" conferences, which helped form the Methodist Churches of North America. The original two story home burned to the ground just before the American Civil War and was replaced by the current structure soon after by a local doctor, AG Wills. The 200 year old Solitude mill still stands a few hundred yards from the home. Solitude Farm was added to Fluvanna County's marked historical sites in the fall of 2012.