Leave the Crowd Behind

Our tag line is very special to our firm, and our heritage.  When Solitude began more than 10 years ago, it was to fill a void in financial planning: Pilot-oriented advice.

 Pilots, especially those at major air carriers, are unique; not just for their interesting job, but the financial challenges they face.  That sets most advisors up to make mistakes trying to help them.  Examples:

  • Pilots are paid extremely well – but mostly at the sunset of their career. Optimal choices must be made in those last years, or they risk running out of money in retirement.
  • Pilots have tremendous tax challenges, and tax deferral is a poor choice to solve them.
  • Pilots face tremendous work challenges:
    • Loss of their job from a furlough is a nearly 100% likelihood at some point in their career, and furloughs can last for a decade or more.
    • They must hold a rigorous medical certificate. It is common to “lose” a medical to fly even though it would be fine to do nearly any other job.
    • Air carriers have famously made financial blunders of their own and eliminated pensions and pay as a result. Pilots now must structure and fund their own retirement using a reduced set of resources.
  • Pilots are smart and savvy self-starters, which can convince them to direct everything themselves without training or experience in the problems they face. Taking risk in the market is one thing – reliably translating it to a life worth living is something else.
  • Their job requires that they tolerate high risks. But this often carries over into taking excessive investment risk to fund--or insufficient insurance to protect--their future.

 These challenges, and more, are why Solitude was created: to be different in all the ways the other advisors “won’t” or “can’t” or “don’t know how to”.  Specifically:

  • We are founded by a United pilot, for United pilots and their families. We can focus on United-specific choices to optimize outcomes far beyond a generalist advisory firm.
  • We are centered around first-class tax management that goes far beyond deferring income into some hopeful future tax environment. We will do the rigorous work to calculate your best choices – not just today like the others – but years or decades into the future when the tax risks are much higher. We also provide experts to complete your tax return each year, all using a common and affordable fee system.
  • We are organized for deep and continuous help – each Wealth Advisor focuses on less than 50 families, and there is support staff for each advisor. The focus is on “optimal help” and not “profits” – one simple example of what “fiduciary” truly means to us. 

If our unique approach appeals to you, call us.  Let us show you how we have left the crowd of advisors behind--advisors who focus on scale and profits, and do not focus on the pilots of United Airlines and their families.  We look forward to that conversation!